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In January 2017 the trustees undertook a review of all our work

Micro projects: We are delighted to report that we are supporting 17 micro projects in five different municipal areas in the region of Cristino Castro, NE Brazil. They range from organic vegetable production, handicrafts, fish farms, cattle, pig, sheep and chicken rearing projects. All of the projects are fully up to date with their micro loan repayment schedules. (Remember – VinB micro loans are provided by individuals and communities in the UK, they are interest free and recycled many times over – to date they are proofing to provide a virtuous circle to all involved). Sincere thanks to our coordinator, Jose Oliveira, for his expertise and dedication and for all your support throughout the year.

Favela Brass: Following the successful  involvement in the 2016 Olympics the Favela Brass project grows in strength and depth. The Favela Brass band practising in Rio

Above: Young musicians at the Favela Brass Project.

Below: the  Sandhouse Stompers raising money and support for the project. The Sandhouse Stompers completed their charity walk today

Experiential Learning: At Lee House the trustees continue to run experiential learning days for young people receiving highly positive responses from participating schools and groups.

Preparing for prayer

Experiential Learning Days








Volunteers: Our Brazilian volunteer Rosie is now well into her second year working with disadvantaged communities in Newcastle.

Rose and friends

Rose and friends




Thank you for all your support throughout 2016.

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