Pacification: Brazilian Style

On Saturday morning  I waited  for the computer to warm up  and   enjoyed  the tranquillity and the views across  open  fields and woodland to the fells beyond and  was unprepared for Beth’s  report..

…yesterday when I came to the project, I noted that the community Fallet (flavella next to us) was completely silent and deserted. Not even the dogs barked! I thought the kids would not come to the project. The monitors called me saying they would not come to our meeting in the morning because the police were nearby. But later, roughly half of the children came to the project…

The police  are pursuing a programme called  “Pacification”.  Which in simple terms means that the police go into the  slums  with guns blazing  to battle it out with the drug dealers.

It is  sobering to realise that during our visit in July we met and got to know many of the  innocent adults and children that are  caught up  in the  violence.  But at the same time it is  inspirational to read of Beth’s  belief in people and her hope for the future.  It would be good to show Beth that people far away care about  her and the community.

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