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School Visit 21st June 2018

A lively group of  city school children were taken on a colourful journey to Amazonia, to experience life as an indigenous community whose traditional way of life is only saved by a dramatic court judgement. Volunteer in Brazil trustees and volunteers guided enthusiastic children  through the regular tasks of building shelters, lighting fires, collecting water, preparing herbal remedies and creating celebrations that acknowledge the value of all life.  

"Best school trip ever."

"Was it real?"

"I'm going to tell my mum about it."

Tom and Favela Brass

We were really pleased to  have  the following upbeat news  from Tom.

Good luck Tom.  We are sure you will  ‘swing it’ with the finance.

The project is going well. We’re holding on to our original kids and adding more – we’ve got around 40 with solid attendance at the moment. Our main band is sounding really good.

Funding side is looking a bit better as well – we’ve got an approved and financed Brazilian project that funds us until October, and then we have another two year Brazilian project approved but not financed – that is, companies can officially write off tax if they donate to the project, but we still haven’t convinced them that it is a great idea to do so!

That’s it for now, Tom x

Baby shower

Trustees are claiming it as a Volunteer in Brazil baby!

Rose and Anthony celebrating with friends!

Rose, you may remember. worked at the convent in Rio and then as a volunteer in Newcastle where she met and fell in love with Anthony. Their baby is due soon.